The Crown Prince

I just finished reading the memoirs of Crown Prince Wilhelm, the son of the last Kaiser of Germany. So many things jumped out to me in this book, I would recommend any man put it at the top of his reading list. The reason why I recommend this book so highly is the emphasis put on masculinity and manliness, not only by him, but by the culture at that time. From a very young age, the royal males were put under the charge of military men. Think about that for a second. In our times, we are put under the charge of women. We have very little interaction with our fathers, or any real men for that matter. Women cannot teach a boy to be a man. It is amazing to read this book and see not only the Crown Prince himself, but those with him also, speak about dealing with the issues that they faced in a manly way. Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy, you will not regret it!


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