Manly Education

Yesterday evening I attended a cocktail reception for work at a local company whose business is selling imported, hand woven rugs. Being the manager at my company, I was introduced to the general manager of this rug company. He was a middle aged man from the Middle East, by his last name, my guess is that he is from Lebanon. What struck me immediately was his regal bearing and dignified composure. We chatted for a few minutes and he politely excused himself. Being interested in these things, I kept an eye on him throughout the evening. I studied the way he talked with others, even the way he took food off of the buffet table and held his wine glass. People often comment on my composure and the way I carry myself, but I must say I felt terribly inadequate in the company of this gentleman, kind of like a Little League kid showing up at Yankee stadium. As I drove home, I thought back to one of the poignant themes of the memoirs of Crown Prince Willhelm; manliness is taught, manliness is handed down, manliness takes practice. This man that I met last night was someone who was taught to be a man. He is someone who consciously controls his behaviour, and it shows. In the United States, not only are boys not taught to be men and how to behave, rather there has been an active assault on boys for the past 30 plus years. This is no longer the masculine society of Robert E. Lee or the cowboys, but a society of whiny effeminate little boys who range in age from 5 to 55. Let’s take it back, we must, we owe it to ourselves, our forefathers and those who will come after. We owe it to the women in our lives, because they suffer from the lack of men in the world. We must seek out the company of other like minded men, throw off the self imposed chains of political correctness, (yes, they are self imposed, they only exist because we let them), and rise to the top. We will meet with resistance from other men, actually from most other men. Make no mistake, it will take a rejection of the vast majority of what American society has to offer. The time is getting late, we must start now.


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