Robin Hood, the “1 Percent” and other thoughts.

Its been a little while since I’ve written. It seems that the same old story keeps surfacing, “The gap widens between the 1 percent and the rest of America.” etc…etc.. ad nauseum. Socialistic thinking has permeated American society to the point that we envy those who have been successful and somehow think that we have a God given right to judge them and start taking away their wealth. Yes, it is about redistribution of wealth. Yes, it is socialism. Yes, it is wrong.

I guess it is a result of our fallen nature, but instead of whining about how much someone else makes, why don’t you take the time to make the money yourself if it is that important to you? How come immigrants come here from another country, work 3 jobs, learn English, and support their families, while those who grow up here, get free education, free opportunity, squander it and then get upset when someone else takes advantage of the opportunities presented to them? I don’t get it.

Ultimately, what happens is that the cream always rises to the top. Those who take the initiative to do things with their lives will rise above those who don’t. Does that mean that there are leaders and followers? Yes, it does. By nature leaders are fewer, while followers are the majority. This is the whole basis of rule by aristocracy. By the way, in general the aristocracy earned their right to rule at some point, usually by heroism in battle, not because they had the best commercials in a political ad campaign.

On one final note, I see that their was a death in the Mad Monarchist family. I send my sincerest condolences….Memory Eternal!


3 thoughts on “Robin Hood, the “1 Percent” and other thoughts.

  1. You say that inevitably the cream rises to the top. But what cream do you speak of? The Virtuous or the Psychopathic? Both are uniquely suited for power, Gods compared to the Mass man though in completely different ways. Do you really think that our elite are the virtuous? If they are, we must assume their behavior is virtuous, for the virtuous do not engage in vice by definition.
    We have two possible elites, but only one are aristocrats. I don’t think the aristocrats/Virtuous are running the show at this point.

    • I must agree with you that the virtuous are certainly not running the show right now! It is often said that “nature abhors a vacuum”, this is certainly true for humans as well. I believe that when a power vacuum exists, both the virtuous and psychopathic will vie for power. It is interesting to see how often in history the “virtuous” were toppled and replaced by the psychopathic, i.e. Lenin, The Reign of Terror, Pol Pot, Hitler etc.. Now, by “virtuous” I mean those who rule, or attempt to rule well, because I believe that we are all subject to our fallen nature. As an example I will use the concept of “Holy Rus”. Was Russian a “holy” place devoid of vice, crime, poverty or illness? Of course not. What did exist, that gave it the name of “Holy Rus”, was the monarchical social structure that implemented order in the Empire.

      • I agree. When the Virtuous are incompetent they lose the Divine Right to Rule. One needs both skill and Virtue to rule, and such rulers are inevitably at odds with the psychopaths who seek to replace them. I would consider the Holy Rus example to be about as reflective of virtue as the Holy Roman Empire. It had its moments, but was characterized by walking the thin line of slow decline, interspersed with either very virtuous leaders bringing justice, or very competent psychopaths bringing rapid expansion and domination of their enemies.

        Key question of course; What determines Virtue? The overcoming of our fallen nature. The attempt at virtue, as we see with weak kings, is worth little. The Romanovs fell because, despite their attempts, they were not worthy of the mantle of Virtue or Skill, and so the Divine Right to Rule was withdrawn. One must become such a creature which necessitates competence as well, for God makes no Virtuous idiots. The alternative is domination by a psychopathic elite, which we see in our world today.

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