I find it very interesting how the concept of chivalry is viewed in our day. To me it seems that the concept of chivalry has been boiled down to nothing more than being nice and opening doors for women. From my observations and what women tell me, the latter doesn’t even seem to be happening much lately either. Therefore, it seems to necessary to define what chivalry is and what it is not.

First, chivalry is not supplicatory, it is not emotional neediness, it is not, “I will do nice things for you in the hope that you will reward me with sex.” Chivalry was, and always will be a warrior’s code. It can only be practiced in truth by one who holds power over himself and lives by a code. The concept of chivalry in the west began as a way for young knights returning from the Crusades to interact with others in society. It gave guidelines for men who had experienced extreme violence and hardship to conduct themselves in a peaceful enviornment.  It developed from Christian values of honour, charity, and kindness. Chivalry brings out the best in two different aspects of man; the warrior and the poet. The warrior is he who defends the weak and the innocent. The warrior is he who is willing to do battle; spritual, physical and intellectual to defend those things he holds dear. The poet is he who is able to recognize the beauty of the feminine and treat it appropriately. Chivalry was practiced and valued by warriors. Some of the manliest men to walk the face of this planet were practitioners of chivalry, they were men who conquered nations, built

empires, ruled millions.Image

As men yield more and more of their power to women we see chivalry fade day by day. As democracy charges forward with its false “equality” we, at best, live in mediocrity. Thus, chivalric practices become another way to just be “nice”.

The question now remains as to how we can turn the tide around and reinstate chivalric practices. I seems to me that working on ourselves and pursuing our own male destiny would be the best start. We need to live by a code, we need to keep our weapon sharp and ready for battle. That weapon is ourselves, our intellect, our character, if possible our physical prowess. We will gain power over ourselves, and from that position of power we are truly able to treat the opposite sex as we should, as true gentlemen.



5 thoughts on “Chivalry

  1. Totally appropriate. Chivalry is a code of conduct, an honor system, but it is one that belongs exclusively to the powerful. Those who lack power over themselves are denied any form of it. Those who lack power over others will have difficulty expressing it. It must spring from a person’s own certainty towards others who lack it. Chivalry is a code built on power relations.

  2. Chivalry, as a code of conduct towards women, only seems reasonable if the women in question are worthy of being treated in such a manner. In other words, chivalry makes sense as a code of conduct for gentlemen to behave towards ladies, not towards mere women, as most today are undeserving, unworthy.

    Until both men and women in general return to behaving as gentlemen and ladies, I don’t see any value in being specifically chivalrous towards women in particular, rather than simply being generally chivalrous to all, e.g. letting cars in the next lane in front of yours to merge in traffic, holding doors open behind you as you enter for anyone, or as you exit for those coming in, giving up seat to any elderly person. I’m all about those gender-neutral forms; seems like basic common decency. But I’m not holding a door open for any woman, other than perhaps an elderly pre-Boomer one with a walker.

    If that makes me ungentlemanly, so be it. I don’t think it does, though. It just means I’m not going to hold up my part of a social contract if the other party, fickle unladylike young women (who today are generally sluts and whores, and sneer down their noses at men) won’t hold up theirs. (Some may say that may make me unkind towards the ‘good women’, but I say it’s up to them if they want special treatment; they have to get their sisters to, along with them, forego the privileged position women have socially today, and reject feminism in toto, then once the proper relationship between the sexes has been restored, I’ll happily return to the former pedestalizing chivalry towards ladies.)

    But certainly, self-improvement in general is a desirable, most noble calling, for young men to pursue.

  3. When society had a proper understanding of what it meant to be a gentleman it was understood the title is a combination of two words. Gentle and man. You can’t be a gentleman without a capacity for being both. When the word was properly understood it was expected that a gentleman would wear a sword at his side. I do understand the attitude of Will S. I agree that when a woman has clearly shown she is no lady she can’t expect gentlemanly conduct. Treating all women as ladies until they prove themselves otherwise is one way to find out if they are genuinely ladies though. If they are, they will know how to respond to a gentleman. This is especially important for the single man who wants to marry. A woman worth marrying will be watching to see which young men act gentlemanly. For the married man failing to act in a gentlemanly manner with his wife undermines his own position as head of the household.

    • The problem is, all women will surely appreciate being treated as though they are ladies, even if they aren’t. One wouldn’t be able to tell automatically if a woman is a lady, just because she responds positively. It will tell you nothing. However, I should think that if one behaves in a chivalrous-towards-all fashion, but not esp. towards women, one will quickly weed out the entitlement-mentality-princesses who will be indignant that you didn’t hold the door open for them, get their coat, etc., but the true ladies will see your letting others in traffic ahead of you, etc., and be duly impressed.

      • I would agree, showing chivalry to all is a good start. After all, it is not just about how to treat women, but respect for elders and the like. To me it boils down to the following;
        There are two basic kinds of respect. The first is the most basic respect that we give all people, because in them we see the image of Christ, no matter how vile their behaviour may be. Deep down the Ikon of Christ is within. The second form of respect is that which is earned and can also be lost. I would see this as the difference between the bar fly and a lady.
        I like the point from McRon about the sword. Chivalry cannot be cut off from the warrior spirit. Even thought we no longer carry swords at our sides throughout the day, chivalry is still a warrior’s code for every man.

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