Prince Harry and James Bond

Yesterday, I read an article on the website of the BBC about James Bond. The article related a study about how his drinking would effect him in reality. As I read through the article I pondered a single thought over and over. That thought, or rather, that question, was  very simply; “Who cares?”. James Bond is a myth and as men we need myth. The myths of ages past were shared between men to demonstrate manly virtue, primarily the virtues of courage and bravery, loyalty and fraternity. Whether they were true or not is, without doubt, insignificant. The idea of myth, particularly that of manly myth, is rapidly being deconstructed in the west. It is being deconstructed because it is dangerous. It is dangerous to those who would love nothing more than to see every vestige of the ancien regime, the old order, put to death. James Bond is a myth who entails so many of the manly virtues that we all strive for; this is why the movies have been intensely popular over generations and regardless of culture. This is why women respond to him. James Bond is determined, he is industrious, he is a warrior, he has a code of honour, he is well dressed, he has class, he is suave, he is charming. He is the antithesis to what I have read others label, “the modern day girle men in the media.”  I couldn’t agree more, this is why they hate him.


This brings to mind another man that liberals love to hate, although this man is real; Prince Harry. Yes, Prince Harry got himself into some minor trouble, all blown out of proportion by the media. They media targets the royal family without mercy, but the Prince in particular, because he a living icon of everything that they hate. First, he is a warrior. He served as a tank commander and then qualified as an Apache helicopter pilot. He is a sportsman, he plays and supports rugby and polo. He is an aristocrat. Prince Harry is a man.


It seems only fitting to me that I should raise a snifter of cognac tonight in honour of Prince Harry and James Bond. Yes, I think that is a very good idea.

Many Years to His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales!


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