The Queen’s English

I have been delaying this post for quite some time but I can no longer put it off. The state of the English language in the United States is deplorable. The general lack of education in this country is rearing its ugly head once again. “American English” for the most part, has generally been a lesser version of the English language. In times past, you could count on the upper classes and those in positions of authority to at least speak in a more dignified, cultured manner. Those days seem to be over. I am consistently appalled at the lack of any real knowledge of the English language in business, politics, even in print. It has gotten to the point that people who learned English overseas and then immigrated to the United States speak a more refined English than native speakers.

In my position as management I often review resumes. I am not joking when I say that I have seen resumes written in “text language”, u no what i mean? I have received resumes in ALL CAPITALS, and then several in all lower case. This morning alone I read a real estate summary as well as a trade journal which both contained at least three articles with run on sentences, incorrect grammar, misspellings and words such as “a heckuva rise in sales.”

As always, there is a silver lining. Those who make the effort to speak and write proper English will reap the rewards. You will stand out without trying, you will have a great advantage with the opposite sex, and believe me, you will have an incredible advantage in the business world. It is not pretentious to learn to speak what is called, “The Queen’s English”, it is English the way it is intended to be spoken

God Save the Queen!



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