The Noble, The Pragmatic, and the Fallen

I thought this was a very well written, well times post worth sharing.

The Legionnaire

Ever since my initial treatment of the subject, I’ve always meant to write more onThe Natural Aristocracy, but I could never quite get my ideas together.  After a bit of a bump in traffic from aTwitter shout-out by Michael Anissimovthough, I went back over the post, as well as its comments, to see if I could find a spark that could ignite my thinking on the matter.

I thought initially I could write up something about how even those born with aristocratic potential can fall from its ranks if they fail to cultivate their natural talents, but I don’t see much need to elaborate on that.  Squandering your capabilities obviously limits what you do in life and how aristocratic you are.  This should be self-evident.

No, I needed something I could really examine in more detail.  This commentby House Perspicacity caught my eye.  I…

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