Control of Your Thoughts

We all know that the current spectrum of political beliefs in the United States is awry. “Conservatives” are mostly looking back to the 1980’s as some golden age of American society. “Liberals” are at the very least socialist, with a large segment drifting into fascism and communism daily. To us who are monarchists, all of these “parties” or theoretical groups are liberal, it doesn’t matter if they claim to be Republican, Democrat, or any other variation on a theme. Within these sub groups there seems to me one particular trait that is isolated to the socialist/communist/fascist camp. Not only do they want to control you, your actions, and your money, but they want to control your very thoughts. For lack of a better term, they want your soul. This is at the core of the political correctness onslaught that we are witnessing right now. Political correctness is nothing new, but recently we have witnessed a wave of attacks on businesses who refuse to participate in same sex marriage. The governor of New York cries that anyone who thinks differently from him is not welcome in his state. So much for, “the land of the free”. The homosexual agenda has gone from pushing “tolerance” of their lifestyle to an intolerance of anyone who does not agree with them, particularly religious groups. Each year, graduates from schools know less about silly things like English, math and history because teachers have spent more and more time politically indoctrinating students.

Yes, there is a thought police, but controlling our thoughts is the one thing they can never accomplish. No matter what, a man’s thoughts will always be his own. The natural order of things is on our side. We only have to behave in certain ways, we only have to be traditional masculine men, and suddenly people around us start to change as well. It all begins with us and how we see ourselves and our world. From that point on, we start to behave more and more like men.  The women around us start to behave in a  more and more feminine manner. Society falls in line, this is exactly why they are trying to deconstruct traditional manliness, it is their greatest fear.

Look at the body language of this supporter of the king as the roundhead thought police storm into his house. He owns the situation, so much so that they are taken aback.

God save the King!



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