Observations from a Business Trip to Las Vegas

I recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas. I will share three observations that I made during that trip.

1) While boarding the plane to head to Las Vegas, I was standing on line and a woman was on the phone telling her child the things that she left prepared for him or her. There were things in the fridge, toys here and there etc… It was what mothers do and it struck me as to how right it was, and how right it is for us to defend families. We must defend the family and all of its traditional roles and dynamics. This is the job of men.

2) On the way to my hotel, I was driving around a little, and strayed into a local area of town not far off of the strip. There were some apartments there, dingy, dirty, unkempt. People loitered around. Here was the income inequality so recently talked about. Here seemed to be income inequality by either choice or addiction. You could have given any one of those people $1 million dollars and I doubt it would be the end of the week before they were broke again. No amount of government assistance will change that.

3) On my way back I witnessed the sad, sad, state of a beta male in action. The said beta lovingly took care of his not so good looking girlfriend, who was flirting with two other men during the whole flight. He kept trying to make physical contact with her, and it was clear to see how she became more and more repulsed by his advances as the flight went by. I truly felt sorry for this young man. I felt sorry because he got himself into this situation in the first place, he is doing everything that people told him women want. I doubt that their relationship survived this past weekend, the death dance had started. There is no doubt in my mind that he is sitting there with his other beta buddies, wondering how this could ever happen to him. After all, he sacrificed everything for her! Such is the fate of all betas.

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One thought on “Observations from a Business Trip to Las Vegas

  1. My reaction to the woman on the phone was different from yours. She may have been traveling due to a family matter. Visiting a sick relative or something similar. i suspected she was likely traveling on business like you though. I thought, “How terrible it is the way modern woman has been pulled away from her natural proclivities by liberal propaganda”. She has succumbed to the sweet nothings whispered in her ear by feminism. Her innate desire is to be taking care of her family. She will not be esteemed for that by the liberal media though, but rather denigrated. So she leaves her home and family to pursue the elusive golden ring of success as a career woman. Abandoning the most worthwhile career she could ever hope to have.

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