The Great War and Revolutionaries

This year we will mark the beginning of the Great War. For those of us raised in the west we have been taught that this was a war against tyranny and oppression. This was a war waged against the aggression of the Central Powers. Yet, in truth, this was a war on monarchy, on religion and the old order. Russia, by choosing the Allies over the Central Powers, lost not only the war but her very soul. Her own “allies” in Parliament cheered at the news of the Romanov downfall. The United States refused to enter the war on the same side as an autocratic monarchy. Tsar St. Nicholas abdicated in March of 1917, the United State joined the war in April of the same year.  In Germany, the vacuum left by the removal of the monarchy would pave the way for Hitler and the atrocities committed by his regime. Many smaller, former monarchical governments would fall to fascism as well; Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary to name a few. Of course, we cannot forget Italy.

War is never the right option, but sometimes it is the lesser of two evils. It is entirely possible to be prepared for war while not desiring it. It is totally possible to be prepared to defend your family while doing everything humanly possible to avoid violence. In fact it is the manly thing to do. It was often said that the greatest samurai was the one who never drew his sword.

As Crown Prince Wilhelm stated perfectly in and interview with a foreign journalist; “Undoubtedly this is the most stupid, senseless and unnecessary war of modern times. It is a war not wanted by Germany, I can assure you, but it was forced on us, and the fact that we were so effectually prepared to defend ourselves is now being used as an argument to convince the world that we desired conflict.”

It is a hallmark of “revolution” that the old order must be stamped out without mercy. Every last bit of tradition, family, religion, society, art must be deconstructed and destroyed. We see the same pattern, the same people from the time of Cromwell through the French Revolution, the “Reign of Terror” and the genocide by the republicans in the Vendees. We see it in Russia, China, Eastern Europe. Their tactics are always the same, they are masters at psychological warfare and propaganda. Many well intentioned people will be attracted to their philosophy, the saddest of all are the Christians who somehow see some kind of message compatible with the Gospel in the revolutionary poison. The fate of these people is evident in the history books, collaboration brings only temporary solace.

For us there is hope. In the cultural wasteland that we now live in we have the ability to change people one at a time. The men who rise against the tidal wave of mediocrity, entitlement and laziness will stand out. They will be beacons to others who are raising their faces from the mud, looking for a way out. Though it may look bleak when observing our surroundings, we can be at the very beginnings of a return to a patriarchal society. We as men can choose to rise or to be stuck in the mud, its up to us to make the call.


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