Valentine’s Day

Can you hear it? The faint rumbling in the distance is getting closer and louder by the second. Its the rumbling of a herd of millions upon millions of American betas rushing to beat each other at publicly castrating themselves in honour of Valentine’s Day. They will do it on Facebook, they will Tweet it, they will do it at restaurants. They will humiliate themselves in every way possible, all to win the love of “that girl”.

Gentlemen, this behavior may have always seemed sick, twisted and wrong to you in the very depths of your manly soul. This behavior is wrong! It may have seemed to you that any woman who saw this behavior in a man would be disgusted by him. You were right! Most women deep down lose incredible amounts of respect for their boyfriends/husbands when they see this behavior come out.

Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday, invented by marketers to increase sales. It has nothing to do with the real St. Valentine. That being said, if you would like to do something nice for your girlfriend or wife on this day, there are manly ways to do it.

1) As with chivalry, do it in a manly way. If you give a small gift, it cannot come from a place of neediness, it must come from a place of strength. If you are looking for something in return, forget it, you are being beta.

2) Always be a man. Follow your ambitions, pursuits, goals, dreams, put yourself first. Then and only then will the time spent with you be special to her, because you are an alpha and you are making time for her on your schedule. She will enjoy it, and think about it for weeks while her friends who date beta boy-men will be disgusted by their clingy neediness.

3) Make no public displays of affection. This includes posting on Facebook about how, “so many months ago, the most amazing woman I have ever met came into my life…ad nauseum….”. DO NOT DO THIS….I repeat…DO NOT DO THIS!!!

4) After you have done what you planned, as you wanted, jump back on your horse and get out there and tackle life, stopping at nothing to achieve your goals!!!



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