This was so good I had to reblog it. My hat tip to “The Avenging Red Hand” for telling me about this blog, “The Soul of the East”.

The Soul of the East

Lev Aleksandrovich Tikhomirov (1852-1923) became one of Russia’s great theoreticians of monarchism, yet in a former life he was a leading ideologue for the left-terrorist People’s Will. While underground in Paris, Tikhomirov recovered the Orthodox faith of his childhood. After a radical shift in worldview, he requested and was granted pardon from the Tsar. Originally published in Moskovskie Vedomosti, here is an excerpt from his 1894 post-mortem reflection on Alexander III, the man to whom he owed his freedom in Russia. Translated by Mark Hackard.

Our most pious Ruler truly died before us the death of the righteous, without fear or despair. He himself declared how he felt death’s approach. This day, the 20th of October, was the one day of his reign when he was not working for his country. The evening before, he was still giving his decisions to questions of governance, and on papers from the 19th…

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