The Doctrine of Democratic Infallibility

The recent events in the Ukraine and in the United States point to a very interesting dogma of democracy; rule by the people is always right. Yet we see in the Ukraine that the president, who by all accounts that I have seen fairly won the election, ruled a corrupt system full of cronyism and bribes. He inhabited a $75 million dollar mansion, yet made less than $100,000 per year. In the United States the president enacts “Executive orders” to bypass Congress. Members of Congress vote in laws for the people of the United States that they themselves are not subject to. Corruption is rampant in the U.S. capital. According to the evangelists of democracy we install democratic governments to get rid of things like this. The people vote and cannot be wrong, the rulers are subject to the people, answerable to them. This is infallible doctrine, yet is it true? Of course not. 


Generally, we see revolutionary thinking coming from those who will benefit from it the most. You may be thinking of the poor and downtrodden, but it is not so. It is generally members of the middle class who want to destroy the aristocracy in order to become the aristocracy themselves. It is purely about power. There can be no classless society, for as soon as class systems are destroyed, someone will step up to that role. It can be a hero, or a murderous dictator. We see in the French revolution the slow decay of aristocratic power in royal times. As feudalism waned, more and more aristocrats moved into the cities, their power was taken away, only their titles remained. Without the aristocrats to administer their domains, a governmental middle class emerged, these were the people who benefited from the French revolution. There were very few new land owners after the confiscation of Church and aristocratic property in France, the vast majority of new land was purchased by those already owning land.

Democratic leadership is like promiscuous sex, it is power without the responsibility or commitment. The rule of law that tied nobles to those living in their domain in a symbiotic relationship has been destroyed. To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, when monarchy is gone we will idolize athletes, movie stars, and even prostitutes. I don’t think that we need to look to far in order to see the truth in his words.




On The Treatment of Inferiors

The Avenging Red Hand

A gentleman is one who treats his inferiors with the greatest courtesy, justice and consideration, and who exacts the same treatment from his superiors. — New York Daily News. (H/T: Quote Investigator)

The true measure of a man’s character is how he treats his inferiors. This ethical principle has a long pedigree but why is it so important, especially from an Orthodox Christian perspective?

First, let me make the usual disclaimer when it comes to theological posts: Although I consider myself well-studied and my opinions well-thought-out, I am neither a hierarch nor a priest and I do not speak for my Church in any official capacity. None of what I say is dogma, unless it’s quoting an official source, etc., etc.

That being said: I think the key thing to bear in mind here is that man is made in the image, and ought to be conformed to the…

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