Observations on Vladimir Putin

In the light of current world events, I would be remiss if I didn’t address some of the masculine characteristics of Vladimir Putin. It is quite interesting that over this past year several pictures have surfaced showing Putin and Obama next to each other and their respective body language. While it was interesting then, it is even more fascinating now to see how Putin displays many masculine characteristics.

I saw a replay of a morning network talk show from today. One of the commentators, a woman, made the remark that Putin knows what he thinks and isn’t afraid to act on it. I believe that she was spot on with this comment. Whether you believe that his current actions are good, bad or indifferent, he is acting clearly with focus and intent on something that he believes in. While he is moving forward, western leaders are issuing, “strongly worded statements.”

Knowing what you are about, what you believe in and acting on it, moving forward with it, are traits of leadership. These are traits of the Alpha male. Vladimir Putin could care less about what the rest of the world thinks about him, because he knows what he believes in. These are traits that we should all work towards daily.

While other world leaders are busy taking “selfies”, Putin practices Judo, lifts weights, flies ultra lights, goes fishing, and the list goes on. He is the closest thing that the world has to warrior kings of old. I would love to see him and Vitali Klitschko go head to head in a UFC ring over the Ukraine issue.

There is a point where an alpha can become a thug. Having a code, particularly through religion, is essential to any man. We must have this code lest we abuse our power and then fall into thuggery. I hope to write more on this topic soon.

For all of those who are starting the Great Fast tomorrow, I wish you all a blessed struggle,and I wish peace for the Ukraine.





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